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`Name:Kota Sanchez

`Bands/artists you like. 5-10, no exceptions:Felix Da Housecat, Marilyn Manson, Swayszak, Cradle Of Filth, Damien Rice, Royksopp.

`Likes: I like to read Harry Potter books, and I'm getting ready to read the long trilogy of the Lord of the Rings. I like Techno, Metal, some Jazz, and Classical. I have a thing for Dani Filth, and Marilyn Manson. I don't like preppy people at all...they make me sad as hell...I don't know why...

`Dislikes:I hate preppy people, and plaid things. Plaid makes me twitch, and I hate people who think they have the "style." I don't like pop music, and I don't like people who call people whores for no apparent reason...:D
`If you could be an animal, what would you be and why? A wolf, because wolves can run for a long time, and I wouldn't mind running away from my home of hell once in a while. Plus, they're beautiful...so why not?
`Tell me what you think about Madonna:I think she needs to stop trying to have babies
`What do you like about yourself: My lips...
`What do you want to accomplish in life? I want to graduate high school, and go to UC Irvine or Northridge. I want to become a liscensed veteranarian, and I want to specialize in horses.

`If you were walking down the street and a hostile dishwasher
with wings attacked you, what would you do? I would wrestle it, and claim it as my own baby.

`Opinion on Drugs + Alcohol [explain]: I used to smoke a lot...but I've never gotten high.
` Jerry's apartment number:4A

`Why you think you should be accepted. Make this short. And be
creative. Or not. Whatever. I think I should be accepted because I'm not to great looking as you can see my pic.
` Pictures:
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