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Name: Karrie
`Age: 18 Sept. 9th
`Bands/artists you like. 5-10, no exceptions: Something Corporate, Kelly Clarkson, Ashlee Simpson, Story of the Year, Yellowcard, The Beatles, The Monkees, Michelle Branch & Aerosmith
`Likes. Tell us what you enjoy. There's not really a limit, but don't give us an essay: Music, movies, cute guys, making out, nice hair, guitars, stars and my pink and black shirt
`Dislikes. What do you absolutely loathe? Don't be an emowhore and say EVERYTHING. If you hate everything so much, do us a favor; jump off a cliff and put both yourself and us out of misery: Rap, break ups, my brother,snobby people 
`If you could be an animal, what would you be and why? A bear because I would get to sleep all winter long
`Tell me what you think about Madonna She's a cool lady
`What do you like about yourself: My hair and ears
`What do you want to accomplish in life? Become a pediatric phsyical therapist and live a happy life
`If you were walking down the street and a hostile dishwasher with wings attacked you, what would you do? Ask it to go away
`Opinion on Drugs + Alcohol [explain]: Never have tried/done any drugs, drink occasionally, my whole thing, is don't ask me to support your habbit or call me when you're wasted and it will all be ok.
` Jerry's apartment number: 4a
`Why you think you should be accepted. Make this short. And be creative. Or not. Whatever. Cuz I'm neat like that?
` Pictures:


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